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Huge thanks to Art Profiles World

From the authors of this blog, we would like to send out a thank you to Art Profiles World for following our blog, and liking our posts. It is greatly appreciated, and we also love the art work that you have been posting. It’s beautiful, and very well-put together. We hope you continue to visit our blog! 😀


The authors of Sonoran Marine Life

Coloring Pages!

Want to have some fun and learn about these Sonoran Marine Animals? Then check out these coloring pages. 🙂

(Click on the images for larger views)

Seafood Watch 2012

Here it is! The new and improved Seafood Watch list courtesy of Monterey Bay Aquarium!

These guides are incredibly useful and show consumers what is healthy and sustainable to eat, and what to avoid due to overharvesting and possible extinction.

We have the PDF here, and will be putting up a permanent page with these pocket-sized, convenient brochures.

Southwest Seafood Guide

West Coast Seafood Guide

Here is the official Seafood Watch website.

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