Bonnethead Shark

Sphyrna tiburo

This is a kind of hammerhead shark that can be found in the Gulf of California. They grow four to five feet in length, and are the smallest species of hammerhead shark in existence. They bear a spoon-shaped cephalofoil (hammerhead), which is also the smallest compared to the other species in the hammerhead family. They are pack-based predators, preying mostly on crustaceans, shrimps, mollusks and some smaller fish and traveling in groups of 5 to 15. Because they are negatively buoyant and will sink if they remain still for long periods of time, they are always actively moving about to keep themselves afloat. For the most part, they are timid creatures and pose little threat to humans.

Their eyesight is actually quite poor, so it must heighten its other senses to compensate. The cephalofoil helps to heighten their sense of smell. Like the other hammerhead species, these animals are capable of detecting prey through the use of electroreception and through their heightened sense of smell. Unlike the other species of hammerheads, they exhibit sexual dimorphism, which means that the two different genders appear differently. Currently, they are labeled as “Least Concern” by the IUCN.

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