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The War on Plastic Bags

California TCOT

In 2010, California tried to ban the plastic bag.  I thought to myself, “Seriously? With all the problems we have?” Now individual cities like Dana Point and Laguna Beach are picking up the torch.

I mean, I remember as a child the “Save A Tree: Use Plastic” when we all used paper bags.  We loved them.  They were used for trash, we wrapped presents in them; heck! Mom even cooked her Thanksgiving Turkey in one.  If that’s not “reuse, reduce, recycle” what is?

Here are some of my concerns:

  • Who will pay for the paper bags?  In all liklihood, the consumer, either directly or indirectly, will bear the added cost.
  • There is no great way to ensure reusable bags (the preferred alternative to plastic “single-use” bags) are properly washed, thus preventing food-to-home-back-to-store contamination.  I double-dog dare you to read the study linked below; these bags are breeding grounds…

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This applies to the environment everywhere.

NJ Surfrider: Posts for Kate

Plastic bags have become the standard of how many consumers shop and take home their items throughout much of America. As we know plastic bags are extremely harmful to the environment, and with no way of truly recycling these bags it creates waste that can sometimes end up in locations that we value, such as our beaches. Plastic bags can hurt ocean wildlife and create an annoying burden on those beach goers who are surrounded by plastic waste while trying to enjoy their day off of vacation.

There needs to be new options for vacationeers to bring their items to the beach without  the possibility of leaving the harmful plastic bags that litter beaches like the one shown above. Now that option is available to anyone who wants it. Reusable shopping bags have slowly started to become more and more attractive to those people who are becoming environmentally aware. You…

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Huge thanks to Art Profiles World

From the authors of this blog, we would like to send out a thank you to Art Profiles World for following our blog, and liking our posts. It is greatly appreciated, and we also love the art work that you have been posting. It’s beautiful, and very well-put together. We hope you continue to visit our blog! 😀


The authors of Sonoran Marine Life


Check out the Vaquita page here, and find out more about this incredible endemic species that is quickly disappearing!

The Marine life of the Sonoran Desert

When you think of the Sonoran Desert, you might think of cacti, snakes, and dirt. However, there is so much more to the desert, which encompasses the Gulf of California – a place where thousands of marine species thrive.

Sea Turtles
Brown Shrimp

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