Scavenger Hunt

1) Where can you find information about the Sun Star?

  • Write one fact about the Sun Star.

2) What is the determining factor of what gender the baby turtles will be?

3) What links are located on the Seafood Watch 2012 page?

  • Between the Rainbow Trout, the Pacific Cod, and the Swordfish, which would be the best choice to eat?

4) What is the smallest porpoise of its family?

  • Give one fact about this porpoise.

5) How do humans affect the turtles’ life cycles?

6) What is the largest species of turtle in the world?

  • Give one fact about this turtle.

7) What is one characteristic of the Family Blennidae?

8) Where can the Red Fire sponge be found?

9) Why is the Tiburon Shrimp populating declining?

10) Do Black Murex Snails live by themselves or in groups?

11) At what times does the Princely Fiddler Crab come out?

12) How many links are there on the Vaquita page?

  • Give one fact you learned from one of these links.

13) How many Vaquita porpoises are left in the wild?

14) Can the Vaquita be found anywhere else in the Sonoran Desert?

15) What is the main threat to the Vaquita?

16) Pick your favorite species on the blog, and write down three facts about them. Then, tell why they are your favorite species that you learned about.

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