Black Murex Snail

(Hexaplex nigritus)

The Black Murex Snail is an endemic species of Murex snail, found only in the intertidal zone of the Gulf of California.  They live mostly solitary existences, spending out the majority of their lives in the solitude of survival, only really gathering together during the summer to breed.  Their diet largely consists of algae.

They are commonly hunted in the gulf, and their numbers have steeply declined over the last few years.  They are hunted mostly for their shells; their shells are all beautifully crafted, and many people are willing to pay to get the shells.  The demand for their shells and the pressures of the hunt has been pushing them closer and closer towards endangerment.  The problem is exasperated further as the fishermen that hunt them have begun targeting their breeding gatherings.  Now, they are rarely found in their natural habitat.

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  1. I really liked this, thank you CV

    1. You are quite welcome, good sir. I am glad that I was able to help.

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