Who we are:

We are a part of the Sonoran Desert Ecology class at Empire High School in Vail, AZ. We’re learning about the aspects of the Sonoran Desert, one of which is the unique and endemic marine life of the Baja, CA area. This blog is dedicated to identifying the species and raising awareness on the conservation issues of some of the endangered species of the Sonoran Desert.


Baja, California is surrounded by the Sonoran Desert, and is a big part of the desert itself. When people think of deserts, they most often think of dry, arid spaces with little water and lots of cacti. However, a very large and important part of the Sonoran Desert is the marine life that is found in the Gulf of California and the vast expanse of marine life that can be found there.

Our Mission Statement:

Everything that goes on in the Sonoran Desert and the community surrounding it has an impact on the Gulf, and we as a class are learning how that happens and why it is important. Through this use of this blog, we hope to increase the availability of information about the major species of the California Gulf and why they are so important to the ecosystem. With this information, we hope to encourage conservation of these species so this precious environment can last for the rest of time.

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