The War on Plastic Bags

California TCOT

In 2010, California tried to ban the plastic bag.  I thought to myself, “Seriously? With all the problems we have?” Now individual cities like Dana Point and Laguna Beach are picking up the torch.

I mean, I remember as a child the “Save A Tree: Use Plastic” when we all used paper bags.  We loved them.  They were used for trash, we wrapped presents in them; heck! Mom even cooked her Thanksgiving Turkey in one.  If that’s not “reuse, reduce, recycle” what is?

Here are some of my concerns:

  • Who will pay for the paper bags?  In all liklihood, the consumer, either directly or indirectly, will bear the added cost.
  • There is no great way to ensure reusable bags (the preferred alternative to plastic “single-use” bags) are properly washed, thus preventing food-to-home-back-to-store contamination.  I double-dog dare you to read the study linked below; these bags are breeding grounds…

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